Saw bridge with 5 controlled and interpolated axes (3+2). Sawing machine with 5 numerically controlled axes (X-Y-Z interpolated with one another, C-A controlled), for processing of marble, granite and other natural stone. Particolary appropriate to cut steps and floors, to make profiles and bas-relief and also artistic working on solid blocks. It is fast, accurate and reliable, single block machine in rugged costruction, built with electrowelded metal that has been hot galvanized and treated with special ceramic paints. 360° Rotation movement of the head and tilting of the head managed by CNC. Electric spindle disc motor with shaft of 50 mm. diameter bored for internal tool cooling. Tool fastening connection with ½ Gas with the thread on the left.
Driven by inverter for the electronic variation of the rpm.
Amperometer to visualize motor absorption and Industrial touch-screen control panel.

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