Machine for cutting 45°

Machine for cutting 45°. Sawing machine for the cutting at 45 ° of slabs of marble, granite and engineered stone. Robust machine of heavy metal structure hot-galvanized.
It is fast, simple, accurate and reliable. The axis movement is on tilted precise racks and the sliding of the motor is on linear ball bearing guides protected by bellows.
Some advantages compared to traditional bridge saws:
The polished surface of the slab is placed on the machine's plane which has been rectified and coveed with rubber, eliminating the problem of the cutting of slab with variable thickness.
Clamping bars have been pressurized to correct any small curvature of the slab to be cut.
The calibrated machine table, in addition to ensuring the very precise support that is indispensable for a correct cut, eliminates a common problem of wear of the machine table, present on the bridge saws.

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