water jet Machine

Machining center for the water jet cutting with 3 interpolated and controlled axes (X-Y-Z). Processes of soft materials with water alone and hard materials such as glass, stones, steel with the use of abrasive material type silica. The machine consists of a bridge structure that moves on the base frame, driven by 2 brushless motors, in gantry configuration.
The sliding movement, both on the beam and base frame are on linear ball bearing guides, equipped with 4 contact points and protected by bellows. The movement is on precisely tilted racks, driven by a brushless motors.
The containment tank water is completely stainless steel made and independent from the frame-base. The grid to support the working material is composed of large plates vertically placed in comb position, within which are inserted interchangeable galvanized sheets. Intensifier KMT, high pressure intensifier unit STREAMLINE, designed for easy use and for reduction of operating costs.
Abrasive management system KMT (Cutting head ACTIVE AUTOLINE, transfer system and containment abrasive ABRALINE III, power supply of the control system of the abrasive flow FEEDLINE III).

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