The company Co.b.a.l.m. was established in 1964 to produce suction benches for the workshops of marble workers; there was a clearly felt, need to eliminate from the environment the dust produced in the dry processing of marble, and company's solution was so original and functional, that it was patented both in Italy and in the major European countries.

Towards the middle of the 70's Co.b.a.l.m. began to produce sawing machines for cutting slabs of marble and granite. In this case, as would occur also in the future, the Co.b.a.l.m.
distinguished itself from other manufacturers by creating a single-block machine, all constructed in electro-welded steel with load bearing shoulders (that didn't require concrete walls) with great advantages for installation and placement;

In 1999 Co.b.a.l.m. manufactured a CN SAW with 3 interpolated axes and with a
ELECTROSPINDLE in a vertical position, for the realization of kitchen tops, bathroom tops, non-
rectilinear shapes, etc., suitable for all those workshops that didn't have sufficent production to justify the purchase of a large expensive CNC work center.

Subsequently, Co.b.a.l.m. developed a version of the SAW that, through controlling the movement of the head was able to make cuts at any angle. This permitted the automation of complex machining operation, such as the cut of spiral staircases, or, generally skewed cuts.
The range of SAWS currently consists of models which differ from one another for the
cutting capacity and automatic features.

In 1995, after two years of planning and development, Co.b.a.l.m. began the mass production of a CNC drilling machine, suitable for drilling tombstones, veneer ceramic, etc. This led in a few years to the realization of a numerically controlled pantograph with three interpolated axes, able to solve many of the problems associated with the execution of articles for the funerary art ( programmed drilling for insertion of letters and bronze accessories, engraving of letters and images, realization of high and low reliefs) and for decoration of building and for interior decoration (emblems and logos, fireplaces, etc.). In the following years, based on the experience of more than 200 pantographs IDEA PLUS sold, other models of machining centers were developed. Co.b.a.l.m.'s
products cover today the range of pantographs IDEA PLUS, the CNC 3-4 axes IDEA TOP and 5
axes HYPER Top.

Why choose to buy a Cobalm machine?

We feel there are a number of convincing reasons:
Excellent value for money
Industrial software customized to the machine with internal management of updates and changes.
Open software platform for the Windows environment that allows the use not only of Co.b.a.l.m.'s own program but also of most common programs. Co.b.a.l.m.'s own system, inspired by Microsoft's approach to Window, is an open operating system for the mass market, which can be used by all and does not require that the machine operator study and learn a program different from what he has almost certainly already been using, maybe for years.
A family business with more than 51 years of history that, though using the most modern technologies, still works with the spirit of the craftsman and has direct contact with the client.
Construction of customized machines on customer demand.

In Co.b.a.l.m. we do not try to innovate at all costs but seek new solutions that will be tested and
be suitable to what is actually helpful to the stonecraft. Co.b.a.l.m. avoids the forced and obsessive pursuit of innovation that involves risk and complexity for the user who must have the specific knowledge and highly developed ability to manipolate machining programs that few stone masons
have. Co.b.a.l.m. applies the policy of one step at a time, which allows it to offer to its customers a technology that keeps pace with innovation but is easy to learn and 100% usable.

Co.b.a.l.m. is present in the domestic market, throughout Europe and overseas, with its own
sales network of agents and dealers.

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